As you may know, Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen are my top
fashion icons. I adore them and their personal fashion sense
to the enth degreee. I constantly find myself creating outfits and
 looking online for pieces that look like something they have worn.
I actually bought some loafers the other day, thanks to Mary-Kate.


nebula printed clothing and accessories are at the top
of my want list. i just love the way they look. they're
like tie-dye, but better :)
I'm just about to cuddle up on my new couch and watch
the hangover while drinking tea and organizing all the
new items i purchased for my little tea shop at school!



i'm currently loving plain black clothing, although it's spring and colours
are blooming. something is just soo apealing about clean, sharp black.
TUMBLR is currently my biggest obsession, honestly taking all of my
attention from this blog. you can check out my fashion tumblr at

on another note, dan mangan is my current ipod repeat.
i saw him at a vancouver olympics concert and have been
listening to him non-stop since! definetely my favourite
vancouver "folk-y" local!

new boots!

my new boots from urban outfitters! got them on sale :)