Home sweet home.

Well, We stayed an extra day, but i'm finally home!
It was really a fantastic trip!
I will post a video or pictures of everything i got
within the next couple of days!
We did leave a few things at the hotel by accident,
so i will post those few items when i get them back :)
Have a good night!



i have something to say.
Walmart in the USA = 10x more FREAKING AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING then Canada's.
It's HUGE, smells clean, actually has clothing worth buying, and of course, is CHEAP :)
Ahh, it was truly AMAZING!!

I bought SOOO much yesturday for sooo cheap.
And when i say SOOO much i do mean A LOT.
I will definitely update on either Friday or Saturday

See you soooooon <3



This morning i crossed over the border and now here i am.
Hello USA :) Lovely to see you!
I am going thrift store shopping later today, and probably
in the next 2 days too (in La Conner and Mt. Vernon).
I will update if i can :) See you thursday!!


little things everyone should have.

there are soo many things that everyone needs in their closet.
i hope to, one day, have these things chilling with my current items :)

Everyone needs a pair of oxfords, in some way or anothers. Kimchi Blue Teardrop Oxford
Everyone needs a good watch. Grandpa's Woven Leather Watch
Everyone needs a pair of vintage/retro earrings. Square Vintage Posts

Everyone needs a good, reliable backpack. Kimchi Blue Canvas Backpack, Ecote Canvas Backpack

Everyone needs overalls in any shape or size. Urban Renewal Denim Shortalls
Everyone needs a floral romper. Reformed Rich Romper
Everyone needs a long sleeve, button down shirt. Chambray Button-Down Shirt
Everyone needs a pair of acid-wash skinnies. Overdyed High Rise Ankle Cigarette Jean

Everyone needs a pair of readers, no matter the color. Woodgrain Reader

These are just a few must-haves, or at least the things that i, personally, must have.

lace, lace, lace

i'm really loving this lace shirt :)
It is an El Salvador Lace Tee from American Apparel. It's $45.00.


i hope everyone is having a good day :)



yesterday i went out with my mom and my grandmother and i got a new shirt and a pair of shorts :)


they are from Sirens and were on sale!!
The shirt was $6.00 and the shorts were $10.00 :)


i thought i'd show you what they looked like on a person :)



it's not that much different than the last,
but enjoy :)

today i got these sunglasses and this necklace :)
they are both from garage and are super cute.
yes, i already have a bajillion pairs of sunglasses,
but you can never have enough ;) the colour of them
is actually a darker shade than in the picture,
more like a dark teal (i don't know why it's different
in the picture).
the necklace is super cute and i can't wait to wear it.

P.S. Because she is currently reading this,
thanks mom for showing these to me :)

outfit post!! :)

i have to say, i went a little crazy at today's "photoshoot" (if you can even call it a photoshoot).


Item: Plaid Shirt
Store: Boutique in Hollywood
Brand: Unknown

Item: High-waisted shorts
Store: Aritzia
Brand: Cheap Monday

Item: Black Toms
Store: Off the wall
Brand: TOMS

Item: Sunglasses
Store: Sears
Brand: Unknown

Item: Belt
Store: Garage
Brand: Garage

P.S. I'm trying different formats for listing what I'm wearing until i find one i lovee :)

Nasty Gal wishlist

Here's my wishlist for nasty gal :)


1.Prague Combat Boot $78.00
2.Oxford Glasses $18.00
3.Reeder Tunic $75.00
4.Tiffani Floral Shorts $88.00
5.Beaded Batwing Cardi $88.00
6.Prague Combat Boot $78.00
7.Ruffled Tap Shorts $38.00
8.Drape Pocket Shorts black and grey $38.00
9.Vintage Cutoff Short $52.00
10.Charley Stripe Tee $28.00
11.Ramona Stripe Cardi Sold out :(
12.Foxy Mama Glasses $30.00
13.Dahlia Cutout Dress $48.00
14.Faded Floral Zip Shorts $88.00
15.Two-Tone Roper Boot $188.00

So i think i will be doing a wish-list for every store i like to shop at per month.
I have wayyy too much time on my hands :)

July 22nd, 2010

I get up this morning and what is the first thing i do?
I log onto ebay and bid on a gorgeous, knit, oversized
boyfriend cardigan. Ahh, it's lovely and I am currently
the highest bidder ;) I will let you know if i get it
I might possibly do an outfit post today, but idk
for sure. we will see :)
P.S. I have decided to not do so many of these daily
posts because they aren't exactly about my style
therefore they don't belong on this blog :)



So heres better pictures of my new piercings :)

The picture on the left is before getting them done..sitting there, waiting, scared :)
The one on the right is the finished project. Both earrings/piercings you see were done
+ the lobe on the other ear (of course)
p.s. remember i was sick here which = not looking too good ;)

Week 1: Item of the week

Soo I have decide to officially start
"Item of the week"!

These are High-waisted, purple shorts that i got at the "aritzia outlet sale"
of the year for $10 :)
Brand: TNA
Store: Aritzia
I realllyyy like them and that is why i chose them for the first ever post!

July 21st, 2010 + ebay..

It's sunny today :) yet i'm sitting here on ebay.. it's killing me!!!
I've spent all morning on it and I have fallen in love with sooo much..
haha this sucks :) Yes everything is about $12.00 and all from the same
person, but i can't buy ittttt ahh. Oh and question: Does anyone know
of a cheap OVERSIZED sweater or even vest(that look like the pictures below)
that i can get from any local stores? so i don't have to pay for shipping on ebay?
Thanks! I really need one! :)


July 20th, 2010

I hope everyone had a fantastic day! :)
Today I went to the Children's Hospital in Vancouver
for an appointment, so It was an interesting day!
Tomorrow I'm spending pretty much the whole day
at the movie theater with my mom, so I will
try to post, but I can't promise I will :)
I have a new "wishlist" coming up and I might start
a "favorite wardrobe piece of the week" thing.
I will also have an outfit post up, hopefully,
some time this week, depending on how I'm
Have a greattt sleep everyone :)

new stuff :)

these are the new things that i got last week!
i would do a video, but i'm still not feeling
100% which = pj's and bed head :)

this is a cotton, "jean" vest.
Brand: Song
Store: Off the wall

This shirt is a little longer than a cropped shirt, but shorter than a regular one.
It says "Life is beautiful"
Store: Forever21

I really like this shirt! Super cute floral :)
Store: Forever21

I've been looking for some sort of tribal shirt, and this is exactly what i wanted!
It has a beaded bird on the front.
Store: Forever21

A cute little floral tank that i found on sale :)
Store: Garage

LOVE these! They are tight fitting, but not so tight that you can't sit down.
They are high waisted, ahh they are just lovely!
Brand: Cheap Monday
Store: Aritzia

These are really cute on! I know in the picture the crotch looks a little funky, but it's not off the hanger.
Store: Forever21

Super cute, braided, floral headbands! They are really cute!
Store: Spring

Love this necklace! It matches my cross ring from this post.
Store: Forever21

Since I just got my ears pierced, I am going to get some pearl earrings to match this ring :)
I really like it!
Store: Forever21

This ring is sooo cute on! It goes with everything, which is perfect!
Store: Forever21

This ring is different, but simple! Super cute and can totally complete an outfit :)
Store: Forever21

FINALLY i found a brown woven belt! Woohoo! I've been looking for months, but to me $30 for a belt just ain't worth it! It was 2 for 1, so i got it in white too :)
Store: Garage

I have been looking for a new iphone case and i found this one. I LOVE it!!
Store: Some little kiosk in Metropolis At Metrotown

So those are the new things I got!
Sorry it took so long for me to post,
but as you know, I've been sick.
Have a good day :)


About me :)

Well, I think you guys should know a little about me!
Not sure what most people really do on their very first blog post so I guess I'll start by introducing myself in application form.

Name: Jacqueline McComb
Nickname: Jaq
Age: fifteen
Race: Caucasian
Residence: Vancouver, British Columbia
Tools: Canon Rebel XSI
Hobbies: Drama, Baseball, Dance, Blogging ;), Art

This is mee


i'm a goof.


I am sitting here looking at my blog and thinking I need
to post some sort of picture because all these paragraphs
are starting to look UGLY :)



I was Harry Potter last Tuesday.

July 19th, 2010

I got my ears pierced about 2 hours ago :|
Both lobes and the left rim/helix.
They were done with needles and hurt like pooop.
Now, I know I said I would post pictures/video
of the new stuff I bought last week, but
I have a little bit of the stomach flu :(
Yesterday I was is tons of pain, and today
just little spirts of it here and there.
SO, The second I am 100% good (probably
wednesday/thursday-ish), I will make a post
about the things I got and my piercings :)
Have a fantastic day!
Gonna just curl up with my mom and watch 6
movies... it's already 2:00 pm :)


July 14th, 2010

Hope everyone's day is going good!
Starting today, I'm at my cousins house for 5 day :)
I wont be able to make posts that have pictures, but
i should be able to do a few daily updates like this one !
Tomorrow we are probably going shopping, yay forever 21 <3
When I get home on Sunday, I will do an update of all the
things i got with either pictures or a video :)
Thanks for everything, have a great evening!


Forever 21 'wishlist' finds


These are two "odd" items i found on Forever 21 (the Canadian site).
I really like the two items, even tho the poncho (#2) is a little "out there".

1. Flower Lace-Up Boots CAD $35.80
2. Chunky Yarn Poncho CAD $8.99 (on sale)

Lady Gaga Inspired sunglasses :)

My friend and I are going to the Lady Gaga concert in August and we are going to dress up Lady Gaga style :) We decided to order sunglasses inspired by her for the concert!
Sooo, I just ordered these ones for myself!

i was going to get the 'mickey-mouse inspired glasses', but i thought
that these would go with more, and i would wear these more too!
Can't wait :) Should be here next week!

July 13th, 2010

Today is kind of a sunny day :)
Ahh, so while I sit here wasting my summer away,
I have decided that once a week, I am going
to "showcase" one item from my closet. This
can be a pair of shoes, shorts, a shirt, a necklace,
a hat.. anything you can wear :)
This way, slowly, you guys will see everything in my
I will probably start it today!
Hope you have a great day, no matter what the weather is :)


wishlist :)


wishlist #1 !!
So these are the current must haves on my wishlist (or at least all the ones from Urban Outfitters) :)
time to save up some money!

1. BDG Varsity Jacket
2. Fuzzy Mustache Keychain
3. Explorer Metal Round Sunglasses
4. Grandpa's Woven Leather Watch
5. Silence & Noise Faux Leather Bomber Jacket
6. Deena & Ozzy Lasercut Boot
7. Studded Owl Ring
8. Wolf Ring
9. Lomography White Fisheye Camera
10. Kimchi Blue Canvas Backpack
11. Mustache Mug
12. Le Bij Bar Ring
13. BDG Two-Tone Laceup Boot

P.S. I will probably only do one of these about once or twice a month :)
and i will always let you know if i get one of the items!!

first outfit post :)


my first outfit post :)
haha, i know the outfit and the combination + the pictures themselves arn't the best, but it's my first one so i'm cutting myself some slack :)

I am wearing one of my favorite pairs of sunglasses from Sears and one of my favorite pairs of shoes from Spring. My shirts is from Bluenotes (woot summer sales! $5.00 shirt!) and my shorts (which are like 3 years old) are from garage. I am also wearing my new Guess necklace and most of my new rings :)
Hope you enjoy! I'll post a new one sooooon!

Anyone know any REALLY good vintage stores in Vancouver ? :)

July 12th, 2010

I just got back from my Baseball provincials yesterday! My team came 11th in the province!
On the 6.5 hour drive home, My Dad and I stopped in a little town, with some teammates, called Green Wood. It was a really cute little town! In this small bead shop I found this ring and just had to get it!


It's a beaded ring and is really cute!
A great little item from my trip!

New Rings :)


These are the new rings I have gotten in the past few weeks :)
I got them from (in order):
1. Ardenes
2. Icings
3. The Bay
4. The Bay
5. The Bay

I also recently got this necklace

It's Guess, but actually wasn't that expensive at all,
But then again, I did buy it from The Bay :)

P.S. Outfit Post sometime this week :)


July 7th, 2010

I hope everyone had a fantastic day!
I leave for baseball provincials tomorrow, so today
my mom and I had to run a few clothing errands for her
(she's the assistant coach and they have certain clothing regulations
for the tournament). While on our little errand run I got some new rings :)
I will post pictures when I get home on Monday (I will always post pictures)
but since I leave tomorrow, all my cameras are packed up!
I can't wait to show them to you guys, I love them so much!

Have a good night and an amazing next 4 summer days!

Jaq McComb

P.S. On Monday, I will also try to post an outfit post!


Why, Hello there :)

My name is Jaq McComb and I have decided to make a blog about my style!
This will be my very first one, and the very first thing that I am "putting out there" about my style. I really do hope that you will enjoy or get at least some sort of something out of it,
and if you don't, well that is okay with me :) Everything that will be posted on this
blog will have something to do with me in someway or another, always based around
my style :) Please enjoy!
Jaq McComb