snoring cats.


christmas movies = my current friday night :) with tea and a snoring cat. i have decided to start the new project. on the days that i have time, i will paint the outfit i wore that day (like the pictures above) and once i get a huge pile of  them i will plaster them on my wall. i think it will look fantastic once it's done! plus it is super duper nice to be painting again. it's ridiculous how much i missed it! :)

1st picture: sweater:dadscloset/jeans:americaneagle/shoes:urbanoutfitters/bag:winners/hat:offthewall/crossring:forever21/
2nd picture: cardigan:offthewall/tank:stitches/jeans:garage/shoes:urbanoutfitters/bag:winners/crossring:forever21/

new buys :)

 hello. salmon is in the oven. mmmm.
salmon, tea, cuddling with the cat by the window.
sounds like a perfect fall night :)
 These are my recent buys. sweater:forever21, 
 knit:superstore, boots:spring. I will hopefully
 have an outfit post up soon Anddd if you know
 of any good books or music can you let me
know what they are??? :)  Thank-you!!!



why hello :) the trees have finally turned colours and i'm lovingggg it :) fall is definetely my favourite season. lots of tea, books and cuddling up in blankets while watching leaves fall off the trees through the window. ahh, makes me want to snatch up the book i'm currently reading and brew a cup of earl grey... but i can't because i'm about to go to ikea for curtains and then i'll be working on homework. typical saturday for me :) i hope all is well !
black"blazerstyle"cardigan;walmart, stripedtank;forever21, blackjeanshorts;aritzia, hat;offthewall


mk & a

i adore mary-kate and ashley, ever since i was a little girl :) but now i'm loving them for their fashion, not their fun little solving adventures. they are amaziinggg; p.s. expect all of these pics on my inspiration wall; p.s.s. i love the outfit in the last pic. i shall try and make my own version :)



 i got the new tv issue nylon and my subscription letter finally came in the mail so i'm super happy. i also got this new really cool outer space in your pocket book which is really interesting and last, but not least, i got a new nail polish! it's the colour "delight cream" by sparitual and every thing (glass, handle, brush, the polish, etc) is recycled product. really cool :)  p.s. i got my halloween costume, yes it's for plus size little boys, but it's the only one under $40.00 that would fit me. HELLO SPIDERMAN :)



first day of school and of course, my school floods and is closed for the day. hey, if it's going to happen to any school, it's mine. we spent the majority of last year with principles carrying cowbells for our bell. gosh. what a school i go to. anywho, i will be spending the day drinking earl grey tea in my new starbucks, glass mug. i love it. it was made in spain and is authentic recycled glass. and if you didn't know, i have a thing for collecting mugs :)


what's in my bag today

so far today has been a pretty good last day of summer.
1. kleenex   2. moustache bandaids   3. old acting book   4. sunglasses   5. iphone  
6. spiderman pencil case   7. keys key chains   8. card pouch   9. doublemint gum   
10. wooden box   11. advil   12. wallet   13.  camera   14. deodorant   15. starbucks pickoftheweek 16. swim shorts (for painting my friends room)

new earrings !

i finally found some feathered earrings that weren't going to cost me a fortune! i got them for $2.50 in some souvenir shop on granville island in vancouver. i can't wait till i can wear them, common ears, HEAL FASTER :)

GAGA FOR GAGA. i went to the lady gaga concert on the 24th [AMAZING] and i got this awesome shirt :) i think it is going to be fun to make outfits with it !! p.s. i would never EVER wear slippers with an outfit like in this picture. today was a lazy day :)

shirt: AMERICAN APPAREL shirt/LADY GAGA print, lady gaga concert
shorts: LEVIS, levis
slippers: WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE, urban outfitters

side table.


side table :) okay, soo i shall explain this :) every time my side table changes quite a bit, i will take a picture and make a post like this, until i have a HUGE collage of my side table.

it's been a long time

magazines i picked up in the last few weeks.

HELLO EVERYONE :) i am so very sorry for not posting in a while, but suddenly i got extremely busy and just couldn't find the time to post anything. ANYWAYS, I HAVE A QUESTION: I have been looking at other blogs and am starting to slowly dislike my own, in the way of how my posts look... soooo, should i keep posting like i do? or change it up?

Thank-you :)


old old outfit post.


so once again, i was going through my pictures and found an outfit post i never ever posted :O so here it is :)

romper: MILEY&MAX, walmart
shoes: SPRING, spring
headband: SPRING, spring



and if you are... want to make me a new header? it would be very much appreciated!
you can email me at



what's in my bag :)


so i have decided to give this a try. and yes, what's in my bag today isn't tooo exciting :)

1. keys [nemo] with spiderman, disneyland, jonas brothers, and backstreet boys keychains
2. my digital camera
3. eco-notebook and eco-pen
4. where's waldo travel book
5. wallet
6. double-mint gum
7. floral sunglasses
8. advil
9. "secret" box (with note inside)
10. mustache band-aids
11. iphone

paint job :)


i painted a pair of black "keds" that i haven't worn in months! now i think i'll wear them a lot more then i ever have! the paint job is inspired by

just another day.


okay so i know i did 2 outfit posts yesturday.. but after i got dressed today i just had the urge to share what i was wearing! so here you go :)

top: AMERICAN APPAREL, American Apparel
shorts: CHEAP MONDAY, Aritzia
shoes: CITY SNEAKERS, Payless (With hand-made paint job)
readers: MAX, rave

i lalalove braids! i think they are fanfanfantastic :) happy after midnight post. i don't normally do these... but i had a lost marathon today (started from epi 1) and the last one was kinda freaky.. and i'm scared to go to bed while being last person awake :) haha okay that's enough rambling.


hellooooo there

random post for the day:

i just love pull over sweaters. i'm addicted.

Haha okay, so as you've probably have noticed, i disappeared for a week,
BUT i'm back from my little 1 week "vacay".
i PROMISE to post quite a bit this week!
i will definitely do an outfit post within the next 2 days and
maybe on friday, since i'm going to a concert and shall be dressing
up :) i am also thinking about making "what's in my bag" posts,
but we will see about that :)
hope everyone is having a fantastic summer so far,
and for the people already back in school, make sure your
alarms are LOUD.




The other day I sported the spiderman look :)
Don't worry, it was at the local Amusement park!



First off, I would like to thank everyone who is reading and/or commenting! I got a huge smile on my face when I saw my first comment!!
NOW I didn't get any emails about having got comments and didn't notice until 10 minutes ago, so I am very sorry that I havnt responded, BUT I have now :)
Sorry about this and thank-you!
Jaq xoxo


1 weeeeek.

Okay, so i'm going to my cousins' house for 1 week,
so i probably won't be posting at all.
I am coming home for 1 day in the middle
of the week, but i doubt i'll get anything up
then. See you soon :)




Top:Rave, Shorts:Thrift, Boots:Thrift, Necklace:Forever21, Ring:Icing, Watch:Thrift


Home sweet home.

Well, We stayed an extra day, but i'm finally home!
It was really a fantastic trip!
I will post a video or pictures of everything i got
within the next couple of days!
We did leave a few things at the hotel by accident,
so i will post those few items when i get them back :)
Have a good night!



i have something to say.
Walmart in the USA = 10x more FREAKING AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING then Canada's.
It's HUGE, smells clean, actually has clothing worth buying, and of course, is CHEAP :)
Ahh, it was truly AMAZING!!

I bought SOOO much yesturday for sooo cheap.
And when i say SOOO much i do mean A LOT.
I will definitely update on either Friday or Saturday

See you soooooon <3



This morning i crossed over the border and now here i am.
Hello USA :) Lovely to see you!
I am going thrift store shopping later today, and probably
in the next 2 days too (in La Conner and Mt. Vernon).
I will update if i can :) See you thursday!!


little things everyone should have.

there are soo many things that everyone needs in their closet.
i hope to, one day, have these things chilling with my current items :)

Everyone needs a pair of oxfords, in some way or anothers. Kimchi Blue Teardrop Oxford
Everyone needs a good watch. Grandpa's Woven Leather Watch
Everyone needs a pair of vintage/retro earrings. Square Vintage Posts

Everyone needs a good, reliable backpack. Kimchi Blue Canvas Backpack, Ecote Canvas Backpack

Everyone needs overalls in any shape or size. Urban Renewal Denim Shortalls
Everyone needs a floral romper. Reformed Rich Romper
Everyone needs a long sleeve, button down shirt. Chambray Button-Down Shirt
Everyone needs a pair of acid-wash skinnies. Overdyed High Rise Ankle Cigarette Jean

Everyone needs a pair of readers, no matter the color. Woodgrain Reader

These are just a few must-haves, or at least the things that i, personally, must have.

lace, lace, lace

i'm really loving this lace shirt :)
It is an El Salvador Lace Tee from American Apparel. It's $45.00.


i hope everyone is having a good day :)



yesterday i went out with my mom and my grandmother and i got a new shirt and a pair of shorts :)


they are from Sirens and were on sale!!
The shirt was $6.00 and the shorts were $10.00 :)


i thought i'd show you what they looked like on a person :)



it's not that much different than the last,
but enjoy :)

today i got these sunglasses and this necklace :)
they are both from garage and are super cute.
yes, i already have a bajillion pairs of sunglasses,
but you can never have enough ;) the colour of them
is actually a darker shade than in the picture,
more like a dark teal (i don't know why it's different
in the picture).
the necklace is super cute and i can't wait to wear it.

P.S. Because she is currently reading this,
thanks mom for showing these to me :)

outfit post!! :)

i have to say, i went a little crazy at today's "photoshoot" (if you can even call it a photoshoot).


Item: Plaid Shirt
Store: Boutique in Hollywood
Brand: Unknown

Item: High-waisted shorts
Store: Aritzia
Brand: Cheap Monday

Item: Black Toms
Store: Off the wall
Brand: TOMS

Item: Sunglasses
Store: Sears
Brand: Unknown

Item: Belt
Store: Garage
Brand: Garage

P.S. I'm trying different formats for listing what I'm wearing until i find one i lovee :)

Nasty Gal wishlist

Here's my wishlist for nasty gal :)


1.Prague Combat Boot $78.00
2.Oxford Glasses $18.00
3.Reeder Tunic $75.00
4.Tiffani Floral Shorts $88.00
5.Beaded Batwing Cardi $88.00
6.Prague Combat Boot $78.00
7.Ruffled Tap Shorts $38.00
8.Drape Pocket Shorts black and grey $38.00
9.Vintage Cutoff Short $52.00
10.Charley Stripe Tee $28.00
11.Ramona Stripe Cardi Sold out :(
12.Foxy Mama Glasses $30.00
13.Dahlia Cutout Dress $48.00
14.Faded Floral Zip Shorts $88.00
15.Two-Tone Roper Boot $188.00

So i think i will be doing a wish-list for every store i like to shop at per month.
I have wayyy too much time on my hands :)

July 22nd, 2010

I get up this morning and what is the first thing i do?
I log onto ebay and bid on a gorgeous, knit, oversized
boyfriend cardigan. Ahh, it's lovely and I am currently
the highest bidder ;) I will let you know if i get it
I might possibly do an outfit post today, but idk
for sure. we will see :)
P.S. I have decided to not do so many of these daily
posts because they aren't exactly about my style
therefore they don't belong on this blog :)



So heres better pictures of my new piercings :)

The picture on the left is before getting them done..sitting there, waiting, scared :)
The one on the right is the finished project. Both earrings/piercings you see were done
+ the lobe on the other ear (of course)
p.s. remember i was sick here which = not looking too good ;)

Week 1: Item of the week

Soo I have decide to officially start
"Item of the week"!

These are High-waisted, purple shorts that i got at the "aritzia outlet sale"
of the year for $10 :)
Brand: TNA
Store: Aritzia
I realllyyy like them and that is why i chose them for the first ever post!

July 21st, 2010 + ebay..

It's sunny today :) yet i'm sitting here on ebay.. it's killing me!!!
I've spent all morning on it and I have fallen in love with sooo much..
haha this sucks :) Yes everything is about $12.00 and all from the same
person, but i can't buy ittttt ahh. Oh and question: Does anyone know
of a cheap OVERSIZED sweater or even vest(that look like the pictures below)
that i can get from any local stores? so i don't have to pay for shipping on ebay?
Thanks! I really need one! :)


July 20th, 2010

I hope everyone had a fantastic day! :)
Today I went to the Children's Hospital in Vancouver
for an appointment, so It was an interesting day!
Tomorrow I'm spending pretty much the whole day
at the movie theater with my mom, so I will
try to post, but I can't promise I will :)
I have a new "wishlist" coming up and I might start
a "favorite wardrobe piece of the week" thing.
I will also have an outfit post up, hopefully,
some time this week, depending on how I'm
Have a greattt sleep everyone :)

new stuff :)

these are the new things that i got last week!
i would do a video, but i'm still not feeling
100% which = pj's and bed head :)

this is a cotton, "jean" vest.
Brand: Song
Store: Off the wall

This shirt is a little longer than a cropped shirt, but shorter than a regular one.
It says "Life is beautiful"
Store: Forever21

I really like this shirt! Super cute floral :)
Store: Forever21

I've been looking for some sort of tribal shirt, and this is exactly what i wanted!
It has a beaded bird on the front.
Store: Forever21

A cute little floral tank that i found on sale :)
Store: Garage

LOVE these! They are tight fitting, but not so tight that you can't sit down.
They are high waisted, ahh they are just lovely!
Brand: Cheap Monday
Store: Aritzia

These are really cute on! I know in the picture the crotch looks a little funky, but it's not off the hanger.
Store: Forever21

Super cute, braided, floral headbands! They are really cute!
Store: Spring

Love this necklace! It matches my cross ring from this post.
Store: Forever21

Since I just got my ears pierced, I am going to get some pearl earrings to match this ring :)
I really like it!
Store: Forever21

This ring is sooo cute on! It goes with everything, which is perfect!
Store: Forever21

This ring is different, but simple! Super cute and can totally complete an outfit :)
Store: Forever21

FINALLY i found a brown woven belt! Woohoo! I've been looking for months, but to me $30 for a belt just ain't worth it! It was 2 for 1, so i got it in white too :)
Store: Garage

I have been looking for a new iphone case and i found this one. I LOVE it!!
Store: Some little kiosk in Metropolis At Metrotown

So those are the new things I got!
Sorry it took so long for me to post,
but as you know, I've been sick.
Have a good day :)