Run, whirlwind run

Nothing like a good ol' sunny day to put me in the perfect mood to make a post!
Anyways, I diy'd these jean shorts last summer. You can view them in a
previous post here! I love them! So far my favorite pair of high-waisted
jean shorts (which means a lot because I have about 10-15).
Shirt: Forever21
Shorts: Value Village

Since the song I was going to post doesn't have a video, I can't post it :(
Soooo I'm going to just post one of the songs on my favs playlist !
Here's Houdini - Foster the People



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Pictures (l-r, t-b):  
1. Neon pink nail polish
2. First time using curling iron
3. My closet
4. Today's makeup
5.  Best hand cream <3
6.  Meeee


young blood running through my veins.

 Finally, I have an OOTD to post on here for ya'll :) From now on, You will start to 
notice a big difference in the amount of ootd posts I make. I have a lot to share with 
you, from daily outfits to things I wear to grad events! :) 
Here I am wearing:
               - Sweater shirt H&M
           - Leggings Garage
    - Boots Target
- Bag H&M
     - Necklace F21

To be honest, I really have nooo idea what to post for today's music. However, I 
have somehow found myself in this odd nighttime routine lately where I listen to  
The Naked and Famous thinking about the days activities. Because of this, I
have decided to post something from them :) Now, keep in mind, I never listen to this 
type of music at alll (being why my nighttime routine is so weird to me), so this is
something that is going to sound strange to have on my blog! Here is Young Blood

Worry is War

I absolutely adore lace, which has caused a huge obsession with attatching it
to my clothing! In a previous post I uploaded a picture of 2 DIY'd shorts I
 had added lace to. Well, since then I have added lace to a couple more
pairs. The pair of shorts above are my favourite pair, by far. I laced only the
 front, not including the pockets and the zipper area, and they look amazing on.
Expect to see them in many outfit posts to come!
Finally, I have thought of a song artist. This guy is absolutely fantastic!
He is all I have been listening to lately (I can't believe I forgot about him
for a moment) and if you watched The Glee Project, you will recongnize
his name! Cameron Mitchell has given me the tough task of posting
the perfect song because every song is perfect. Today, I will leave you with 
Such a Mystery. Also, Check out his Ep here

shimmer shimmer in the sun

DIY-ing seems to be a daily routine these past summer weeks. I have been
studding like crazy, adding a twist to shorts, vests, and the ocasional shirt.
Above is a vest that has sat in my closet for exactly one year. I cut it shorter
in the front (please excuse the unevenness) and then studded the top of one
pocket, as well as the matching shoulder. I quite like it and will definetely
be wearing it from now on!
I can't seem to think of a song at the momento :( but I am going to
make another post which will give me more time to think of something!


eat lace.

These are my first 2 pairs of diy'd shorts :) After a really long hour of my sewing machine hating me
with all its life, I was able to finally start on these shorts and add on the lace! For a first time diy-er
and a sewing machine beginner, I think I did pretty well! Now, the shorts on the left will probably
get cut shorter, so when that happens I will give an update, along with any other diy's I do.
What I used: Highwaisted shorts (thrifted)
   Lace (Michaels)
   Sewing Machine
It's very simple to do and I definitely encourage you all to go buy some thrifted shorts and add
some lace to them! :)
Now with all this music on my blog, I guess I better add a song onto every post ;)
Since my mom just called me and this song is my ringtone , i will use it :)
Here is Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People.


claws and paws.

During a fantastic trip down to the USA with my mom, I have collectedquite the hall of items! Yes, there is a lot, buttttttt it was surprisingly cheap because the prices down there are soo good! Here is the list of pretty much everything I got: 6 notebooks, 5 sets of flash cards (hey, I need them for school!), an awesome sketchbook, jumbo sudoku book, photoalbum, mini sudoku-to-go book, little brown purse target, backback target, elle mag, gaga mag, makeup bag target, change purse random boutique, baggy blue knit shirt random boutique, knit shorts f21, striped tank f21, nylon mag, seacret cuticule oil & hand lotion, 4 fake eyelashes target, tiedye kit, travel sewing kit, light grey/beige boots target, seacret nail buffer & nail file, foundation sponges, spray to keep makeup in place, lipstick, sally hansen stick on nail polish (zebra print), eyeshadow palette, 3 mini lint rollers, 2 pencil eyeliners, 3 liquid pen eyeliners, 2 mascara, 5 nail polish remover pads, blush, 2 cream eyeliner, 2 nail polish, 3 eyelid primer, small eyeshadow palette, eye make-up step by step with makeup (natural & everyday), curling iron 1.5", oxford style shoes target, brown boots f21, eyebrow mascara, eyelash curler, tweasers, mini q-tip pack, eyebrow brush, eyeliner brush, blush brush, blowdryer, thrift film camera, and thrift poloroid camera. Now I also purchased 4 necklaces all from f2 that are not in the picture, as well as a thrifted stripped cropped top, 3 pairs of thrifted highwaisted jean shorts, and 1 pair of thrifted highwaisted jeans that I am going to cut into shorts! I apologize for the extremely long list, i'm sure it was uber boring to read! If you have any question about any of the items email me at, I know I didn't really elaborate on anything! Have a fantastic day!
For todays music, check out Lissy Trullie. The song below is called "Boy, Boy".


crazy for cropped.

Summer has finally arrived here in Vancouver, yet the other day I found my self shopping in a mall. I purchased everything you see above: 1 t-shirt croptop, 3 tank-top croptops (the 3rd tank-top crop top (white/grey stripped) some how ended up in the wash without my knowing!), and 5 bandeaus. These crop tops are the perfect match to summer. Coming in one size fits all, they tend to be little roomy, but in summers heat, it's the perfect way to keep cool! I've been wearing them with the 5 bandeaus above, which has let me go bra-less and free on these hot summer days! Now, depending on the bandeau you purchase, a bra-less day may turn into a horrible one! Make sure, if the bandeau is strapless, you wear it around the house first to see if it will stay up! If your wardrobe doesn't contain a crop top, be sure to go purchase one asap! Here's the link to the section I purchased mine from: AA crop tops
Croptops:AmericanApparel + Strappedbandeaus:Aritzia + Whitelace&Tealbandeaus:Garage + Floralbandeau:Bootlegger


As you may know, Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen are my top
fashion icons. I adore them and their personal fashion sense
to the enth degreee. I constantly find myself creating outfits and
 looking online for pieces that look like something they have worn.
I actually bought some loafers the other day, thanks to Mary-Kate.


nebula printed clothing and accessories are at the top
of my want list. i just love the way they look. they're
like tie-dye, but better :)
I'm just about to cuddle up on my new couch and watch
the hangover while drinking tea and organizing all the
new items i purchased for my little tea shop at school!



i'm currently loving plain black clothing, although it's spring and colours
are blooming. something is just soo apealing about clean, sharp black.
TUMBLR is currently my biggest obsession, honestly taking all of my
attention from this blog. you can check out my fashion tumblr at

on another note, dan mangan is my current ipod repeat.
i saw him at a vancouver olympics concert and have been
listening to him non-stop since! definetely my favourite
vancouver "folk-y" local!

new boots!

my new boots from urban outfitters! got them on sale :)