Nasty Gal wishlist

Here's my wishlist for nasty gal :)


1.Prague Combat Boot $78.00
2.Oxford Glasses $18.00
3.Reeder Tunic $75.00
4.Tiffani Floral Shorts $88.00
5.Beaded Batwing Cardi $88.00
6.Prague Combat Boot $78.00
7.Ruffled Tap Shorts $38.00
8.Drape Pocket Shorts black and grey $38.00
9.Vintage Cutoff Short $52.00
10.Charley Stripe Tee $28.00
11.Ramona Stripe Cardi Sold out :(
12.Foxy Mama Glasses $30.00
13.Dahlia Cutout Dress $48.00
14.Faded Floral Zip Shorts $88.00
15.Two-Tone Roper Boot $188.00

So i think i will be doing a wish-list for every store i like to shop at per month.
I have wayyy too much time on my hands :)


Apeshite said...

I honestly do this so often. Then, I have to ask myself why I do it because it's so maddening. Somehow, I think if I keep looking, it's going to magically come into my possession.

Killer Clothing Rack said...

Haha I totally agree! It's so frustrating but you just HAVE to do it :)