crazy for cropped.

Summer has finally arrived here in Vancouver, yet the other day I found my self shopping in a mall. I purchased everything you see above: 1 t-shirt croptop, 3 tank-top croptops (the 3rd tank-top crop top (white/grey stripped) some how ended up in the wash without my knowing!), and 5 bandeaus. These crop tops are the perfect match to summer. Coming in one size fits all, they tend to be little roomy, but in summers heat, it's the perfect way to keep cool! I've been wearing them with the 5 bandeaus above, which has let me go bra-less and free on these hot summer days! Now, depending on the bandeau you purchase, a bra-less day may turn into a horrible one! Make sure, if the bandeau is strapless, you wear it around the house first to see if it will stay up! If your wardrobe doesn't contain a crop top, be sure to go purchase one asap! Here's the link to the section I purchased mine from: AA crop tops
Croptops:AmericanApparel + Strappedbandeaus:Aritzia + Whitelace&Tealbandeaus:Garage + Floralbandeau:Bootlegger

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