eat lace.

These are my first 2 pairs of diy'd shorts :) After a really long hour of my sewing machine hating me
with all its life, I was able to finally start on these shorts and add on the lace! For a first time diy-er
and a sewing machine beginner, I think I did pretty well! Now, the shorts on the left will probably
get cut shorter, so when that happens I will give an update, along with any other diy's I do.
What I used: Highwaisted shorts (thrifted)
   Lace (Michaels)
   Sewing Machine
It's very simple to do and I definitely encourage you all to go buy some thrifted shorts and add
some lace to them! :)
Now with all this music on my blog, I guess I better add a song onto every post ;)
Since my mom just called me and this song is my ringtone , i will use it :)
Here is Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People.

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