Worry is War

I absolutely adore lace, which has caused a huge obsession with attatching it
to my clothing! In a previous post I uploaded a picture of 2 DIY'd shorts I
 had added lace to. Well, since then I have added lace to a couple more
pairs. The pair of shorts above are my favourite pair, by far. I laced only the
 front, not including the pockets and the zipper area, and they look amazing on.
Expect to see them in many outfit posts to come!
Finally, I have thought of a song artist. This guy is absolutely fantastic!
He is all I have been listening to lately (I can't believe I forgot about him
for a moment) and if you watched The Glee Project, you will recongnize
his name! Cameron Mitchell has given me the tough task of posting
the perfect song because every song is perfect. Today, I will leave you with 
Such a Mystery. Also, Check out his Ep here

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januarysublime said...

These look amazing!! I need to get more lace into my wardrobe, and its so cheap to do! JS xx